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The Trusted Talent Network

Milibo: A Community of, for, and built by, superior talent!

Milibo is an invitation-only club of the top high tech professionals worldwide. Milibo relies on faculty at leading universities worldwide, carefully selected industry experts and existing members to extend invitations. Invitees go through a careful screening process. Members join for richer learning via cutting edge technical seminars, mentoring, tools, and uncluttered access to some of the best employers in the world for jobs, internships and research collaboration.
Better opportunities

Better opportunities

By focusing on the super talented, Milibo defines the place that employers come knocking to when seeking new talent to start, jumpstart or reinvigorate their projects. This means that better opportunities find you – leaving you firmly in the driver's seat of your career choices.


Learn and grow with cutting-edge seminars

Learn and grow from periodic Milibo seminars. Held periodically, Milibo seminars feature interesting speakers (often Milibo members) who volunteer to share their expertise and ideas. Take a break from your busy schedule to attend a seminar, and profit from serendipitous learnings! All seminars are FREE to attend.

Mentoring and Resume Reviews


Amongst the membership at Milibo are numerous seasoned professionals who have achieved significant success. Members can request to become a mentor or a mentee. Milibo will facilitate a match between mentor and mentee, where possible. Once paired up, mentors and mentees develop their own program - without Milibo involvement. Milibo does not charge for this program.